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2020 NFL Draft Results Live: Second Round

Finally, it’s time for the Texans to make a pick. Probably.

Texas Draft X

If all goes according to plan (and why would it?), your Houston Texans will make their first selection in the 2020 NFL Draft at approximately 6:56 p.m. CDT this evening. The lad selected shall be forever known as “The Guy The Texans Drafted With The Pick They Got From The Cardinals In That Awful DeAndre Hopkins Trade.” That’s not fair, of course, and I truly hope whoever the Texans draft at No. 40 tonight has a career that makes J.J. Watt look like Jeff Zgonina.

Until a couple weeks ago, the Texans had a second second-round pick (No. 57 overall). That lottery ticket, however, now belongs to the Rams, courtesy of Houston’s acquisition of Brandin Cooks. Thus, barring any other moves by Bill O’Brien, the Texans will make a selection within the first hour of tonight’s extravaganza and then cool their heels until they pick at No. 90 in the third round much later this evening.

Naturally, the Texans could trade one or both of those picks to move up or down in the draft, throwing our best laid timing into total disarray.

This is where you should engage in piquant dialogue about the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, including but not limited to what the Texans could, should, and/or actually do. We’ll get a separate post up whenever the Texans make a selection; we’ll get a crisp entry up when the third round begins as well. Enjoy your witching hour(s).

REMINDER: Do not post any tweets or posts that tip picks before they’re announced on the live television broadcast. Doing so will be a bannable offense.