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2020 NFL Draft Results Live: Fourth, Fifth Rounds

Good morning/afternoon, it’s time for the third day of the NFL Draft. Let’s mint some new Texans!

NFL: Pro Bowl Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Saturday. Time to get some coffee (or whatever), tune into the draft, and see which college players are deemed worthy to be part of the Capital T Capital E Capital A Capital M.

If you need a refresher on who the Texans have picked so far, here are the players now wearing deep steel blue:

(2) 40 - Ross Blacklock - DT (TCU)
(3) 90 - Jonathan Greenard - DE (Florida)

As of this posting, the Texans have five picks remaining in the 2020 NFL Draft. Here are the picks that await the expert hand of Bill O’Brien:

  • (4) 111
  • (4) 126 - Charlie Heck - OT (North Carolina)
  • (4) 141 - John Reid - CB (Penn State)
  • (5) 171 - Isaiah Coulter - WR (Rhode Island)
  • (7) 240
  • (7) 248
  • (7) 250

Who will they take? Will there be trades? Will my hair after three weeks of quarantine ever lay flat upon my head again? Who knows? The anticipation is the best part! Settle in and join your friends and enemies here on BRB to talk about the draft.

REMINDER: Do not post any tweets or posts that tip picks before they’re announced on the live television broadcast. Doing so will be a bannable offense.

UPDATE: The Texans traded the 111th overall pick to the Dolphins for two later fourth-rounders.

UPDATE THE SECOND: The Texans traded the 136th, 248th, and 250th picks to the Rams to move up to the 126th pick.