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2020 NFL Draft

All of BRB's content connected to the 2020 NFL Draft, where the Texans won't pick until the sixteenth round.

2020 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Second Round Predictions


2020 NFL Draft: Texans Second Round Scenarios

Where will your Houston Texans go with the 40th pick in the NFL Draft?

Battle Red Radio: 2020 NFL Draft Day One Review/Day Two Preview

Matt, Kenneth, and Texans Thoughts hop on the cast to discuss Day 1 and look at Day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft.

2020 NFL Draft: Best Players Still Available After First Round

Who should the Texans draft?

2020 NFL Draft Results Live: First Round (Part II)

Continue asking about the action here on BRB.

2020 NFL Draft Results Live: First Round

Follow the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft as it happens live with fans of a team that doesn’t have a first round pick this year (or next year)!

Countdown To The 2020 NFL Draft

Join us as we count down the final few hours until the start of the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Rumor: Texans Calling About Trading Up Into First Round?

Dianna Russini says Bill O’Brien is not sitting idly and waiting for the second round.

BRB Groupthink: Moving On Up In The 2020 NFL Draft

Should the Texans move up and get a pick in the first round tonight?

Battle Red Radio: 2020 NFL Mock Draft

It’s another mock draft. This time in audio form.

Where Are You Watching The 2020 NFL Draft?

I’ll tell you where you won’t be. Anywhere besides your house.

2020 NFL Draft: Matt Weston’s Mock Draft 17.0.

This is sports now.

Top Five Texans Drafted Outside The First Round

Let’s talk about players Houston selected after the first round who made a huge impact.

How To Watch/Listen/Stream The 2020 NFL Draft

Want to follow the 2020 NFL Draft live but not sure how? The answers you’re searching for can be found in this post.

2020 NFL Draft: Which Prospects Have Visited The Texans?

Eyeing who the Texans are chatting up before the draft starts on Thursday night.

Red Zone Play: Is Bill O’Brien Done Trading Texans?

With the NFL Draft just days away, the Texans GM is surely plotting something.

2020 NFL Draft: Battle Red Blog’s Houston Texans Mock Draft

A full seven-round Texans mock draft for you to pick apart.

2020 NFL Draft: The Case For An Early Interior Defensive Line Selection

Houston’s interior pass rush doesn’t exist. It’s time for that to come to an end.

2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: AJ Dillon Is A Derrick Henry Clone

Player comparisons are flimsy analysis, but this one is substantial.

Battle Red Radio: 2020 NFL Draft Prospects—Interior Defensive Line

A conversation discussing the upcoming interior defensive linemen who will be selected in the 2020 NFL Draft.

2020 NFL Draft: The Clock Will Stop For Trades If Necessary This Year

In the world of remote drafting, the man with the strongest WiFi is king.

DeAndre Hopkins: Getting Traded “Wasn’t A Big Surprise To Me”

The former Texans wideout was far less shaken by his departure from Houston than fans were.

Bill O’Brien Speaks: “Let It All Play Out”

The head ball coach comes out to face the music.

Which Houston Pass Catchers Could Be On The Move?

The list of Texans receivers is getting a bit long. Maybe it needs a trim.

2020 NFL Draft: The Likelihood Houston Trades Down

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

2020 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper 4.0

Defense, defense, defense.

2020 NFL Regular Season Schedule To Be Released In May

Next month, we should finally learn when the Texans will be playing their opponents in 2020. If, you know, we have football.

The Film Room: Jordan Elliott Is One Of The Best Interior Defenders In The 2020 NFL Draft

Here’s why Elliott would be a slam dunk selection at #90 for the Houston Texans.

Battle Red Radio: 2020 NFL Draft Edge Defenders

Matt, Jordan, and Kenneth L. discuss the 2020 Edge class and the options the Texans have available to them.

Grade The Brandin Cooks Trade

Take out your fat red marker and tell Bill O’Brien how he did.

Bill Barnwell Examines The Brandin Cooks Trade

ESPN’s professional football writing man writes about the Cooks trade.

Brandin Cooks Trade: Reactions & Analysis

The masthead’s reaction to the Brandin Cooks trade.

BREAKING NEWS: Texans Trade 2020 Second Round Draft Pick For Brandin Cooks


The Film Room (2020 NFL Draft): Amik Robertson Scouting Report

Robertson is the Patrick Beverley of football.

2020 NFL Draft: Marlon Davidson Is A Unicorn

Am I the first of my kind?

2020 NFL Draft: Terrell Lewis and Versatility

A look at someone Houston may have their eyes on during the 2020 NFL Draft.