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2020 NFL Free Agency: Legal Tampering Period (Day Two)

Follow the action and rumors at BRB.

NFL Combine - Day 2

We had ideas about how yesterday would go. We would post a tracker thread and then add cute little rumors and write individual articles from there once substantial news came around.

Then, well, then Bill O’Brien traded DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson and a second round pick in an all-time awful, stupid, hideous, atrocious, ridiculous, unbelievable, horrendous life decision. After that, the Texans re-signed AJ McCarron, and signed Eric Murray and Randall Cobb.

To summarize, Bill O’Brien has added Eric Murray to the league’s worst short yardage pass defense by yards per attempt, a defense that finished 26th in pass defense DVOA last season. O’Brien then switched out DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson and Randall Cobb, picking up a second round pick lost in the Laremy Tunsil trade, all before the Vikings snagged a first round pick, among other things, for Stefon Diggs.

Today we will try it again. Today is the second day of the legal tampering period before free agency begins tomorrow. Comment below and follow along with the news, even if there’s no way today can be any worse or any more interesting than yesterday.