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2020 NFL Free Agency News: Johnathan Joseph To Sign With Tennessee Titans

Oof. Right in the feelings.

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

A little more than nine years ago, Cincinnati Bengals free agent cornerback Johnathan Joseph signed with your Houston Texans. He quickly became the best free agent signing in franchise history and remains so to this day. Time waits for no man, however, and J-Jo officially ended his playing days in Houston last month.

Free to sign with any team once again, he has reportedly chosen to continue his stellar NFL career in Nashville.

While I’d selfishly have preferred J-Jo play for a team that’s not in Houston’s division, I can’t muster any animosity toward him. He was too good for too long for the Texans, and I’m glad he gets another year in the sunlight. I’ll root for him to succeed every week, save two per season.

Thanks for the memories, J-Jo. Best of luck with the Titans.