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2020 NFL Free Agency News: Lamar Miller Signs With Patriots

The former Texans running back is heading north.

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Way back in March of 2016, after the Dolphins let him hit free agency, your Houston Texans signed Lamar Miller to a four-year contract. Miller went on to play three seasons in Houston, with an ACL tear robbing him of that fourth and final walk year in 2019. It’s not fair to say that Miller was a bust here; after all, he was good for between 1,136 and 1,261 yards from scrimmage from 2016-2018, and much has been written about how Bill O’Brien may not have made the best use of Miller’s skill-set in Houston’s offense. Discussing whether spending $26,000,000.00 on a running back in today’s NFL was a wise move, however? That’s a different issue. If a team wants to pay a running back $26 million, the player should take it and not look back.

But I digress. With David Johnson and Duke Johnson Jr. on the Texans’ roster, there was no chance Lamar Miller would return to the Texans in 2020. As expected, Miller will be plying his trade elsewhere this season. While there have been many players and coaches who headed to Houston after working in New England, Miller is breaking the mold and doing it in reverse. He’s decided to play for Bill Belichick and the Patriots on a one-year deal (assuming he passes a physical).

Thoughts on Miller heading to Foxborough? Think he’ll finally have the breakout season with the Patriots many hoped he’d have here? Or do you think he’ll even make the roster out of training camp?