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Should The Texans Fire Bill O’Brien?

I have one simple question.

Divisional Round - Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Houston Texans lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 51-31 two days ago. They were up 24-0 and then proceeded to stand back, tongues hanging out of their mouths, eyes beady, and hearts demolished as the Chiefs scored 41 points in a row. This was the closest the Texans have ever been to the AFC Championship Game.

This loss closed the coffin on the Texans’ 2019 season. the sixth such season with Bill O’Brien as the head coach. Six seasons. Four AFC South Championships. A 2-4 playoff record. Houston Chronicle columnists telling O’Brien to leave town. Clamoring from the fans. What would it take for a change to happen? O’Brien isn’t bad; he’s actually good, they say, feet sliding as they’re farther and farther entrenched in their same opinion.

The Texans’ corner of the football universe is at a standstill after this loss. Some are pro O’Brien. Some are anti-OB. To get a gauge of how everyone feels, I ask you a simple question, loyal reader: Do you think the Texans should fire Bill O’Brien?


Should The Texans Fire Bill O’Brien?

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Answer the question and then discuss in the Comments.