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Houston Texans Podcast: 2019 NFL Conference Championship Games Preview

Titans-Chiefs. Packers-49ers.

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Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

This Tennessee Titans’ run is not sustainable. Ryan Tannehill is averaging 9.2 yards an attempt. Derrick Henry is averaging 7.92 yards a carry in the third quarter. Their red zone touchdown rate is 79.5% with Tannehill at quarterback. More specifically, they’ve scored 31 touchdowns, kicked 1 field goal, turned it over 3 times, and have 4 drives that ended because of the clock expiring. They’re second in second half offense DVOA.

This has to end. It can’t go on forever. This is black magic, death-eating sorcery, some diabolical apothecaric brew. The warlocks are drinking margaritas in the Logan’s Roadhouse and it’s not even happy hour.

Oh, and the Chiefs are 7-0 since losing 35-32 to the Titans back in Week 10.

The Packers are the worst playoff team remaining. They are 12th in weighted DVOA. The 49ers are 5th. San Francisco has an advantage at every position except quarterback. The Packers will need Aaron Rodgers to be as good as Russell Wilson in this game, something that hasn’t happened since, like, 2011.

It’s the 2019 Conference Championships. It’s the NFC Championship and AFC Championship Game previews. It’s Titans v. Chiefs. It’s Packers v. 49ers.

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