Seven Reasons To Keep Bill O'Brien...Or Not

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a strange sports related week and a half in the City of Houston. The Texans somehow fell into a 24 point lead against the Chiefs and ended up losing that lead by halftime on the way to a 51-31 beatdown in the AFC divisional round. The Astros then received punishment for electronic cheating during their 2017 World Series run (and perhaps beyond) and ended up firing manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow. Oh, and the Rockets lost 3 in a row after the Astros announcement came down.

The odd thing is that the fans of Houston just lost arguably the best manager (head coach) and general manager in the history of local sports while not being able to get rid of the football version of those two positions in Bill O'Brien. Not that OC/Coach/GM BOB is some awful, bottom of the barrel performer in his job(s). He has been consistently and stunningly average to above average since taking over in 2014. So let's be fair here. What are the reasons the Texans should keep BOB or why should they hand him three pink slips?

  • Why Keep BOB #1 - The guy is a winner. He has won more than 54% of his regular season games, and if you drop the 2017 season (4-12) when Deshaun Watson went down with the ACL injury - he has won 60% of his regular season games and been in the NFL Playoffs 4 of the last 5 seasons.
  • Why Drop BOB #1 - Hmm, let's look at this example of another NFL coach. Between 2011 and 2015, this coach did even better, as he won 65% of his regular season games and went to the playoffs each and every year. His name is Marvin Lewis and he has the same amount of postseason wins I do. As the investors say, regular season performance is no prediction of playoff success.
  • Why Keep BOB #2 - Well, playoff-wise - BOB has not been great, but at least he's won some. How can you fire a guy who won a playoff game this year?
  • Why Drop BOB #2 - After the 2017 season, the Titans fired coach Mike Mularkey, who had just won a Wild Card round game for them. They replaced him with Mike Vrabel, who in his second season took the Titans to an AFC title game (a place that the Texans have never reached in their history).
  • Why Keep BOB #3 - After the loss to the Chiefs, Deshaun Watson expressed his true love for Coach O'Brien. It is so important to keep young Watson happy and comfortable as he develops.
  • Why Drop BOB #3 - Deshaun Watson is the ultimate team and franchise guy. There is no doubt he would run through brick walls for his coach whether it was Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, Rod Marinelli, or Dave Shula. It would make your head spin how fast Deshaun would fall in love with some guy who comes up with offensive schemes that protect his a$$ and use Deshaun and the other offensive weapons to the optimum level.
  • Why Keep BOB #4 - It is very disruptive to a team to have to start over with a new coach. Just imagine having to replace the GM, coach, and offensive coordinator in one fell swoop.
  • Why Drop BOB #4 - I'm imagining it. I'm imagining it.
  • Why Keep BOB #5 - He's an offensive genius and a QB whisperer. He dragged the Texans into the playoffs with Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, T.J. Yates, and Brandon Weeden all starting games.
  • Why Drop BOB #5 - For him to be considered an offensive genius, you better be grading on a steep curve.
  • Why Keep BOB #6 - Look at Andy Reid. Imagine if the Chiefs had not been patient with him and his playoff failings. They might never have gotten to the Super Bowl. The Texans should be just as patient with BOB.
  • Why Drop BOB #6 - To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen - "I know Andy Reid, and you are no Andy Reid, BOB."
  • Why Keep BOB #7 - BOB just needs some time now that he is finally in control of personnel to mold this team the way he has pictured it in his mind.
  • Why Drop BOB #7 - Getting back to imagining - I am picturing the team a few years down the road, when for some reason they have no draft picks left but still have not made it to the AFC ChampionshipGame. I keep picturing BOB saying that if they would only turn majority ownership over to him that he finally would lead them to the promised land.
Anyways, there are undoubtedly hundreds of reasons to keep or drop BOB. Try your hand at it.