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S.N.O.T.: 1/25/2020

Take off your snowshoes and swim suit, it’s S.N.O.T. time

The annual AdAmAn ascent of Pikes Peak for the New Year fireworks display. Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

With the doldrums of the sports year about to occur, minds tend to wander, looking for other “meaningful” time wasters to fill the void of meaningless stats analysis and building the perfect fantasy team.

What a great time to think about vacation. Even though it may not be a great time to go on one (is there actually a bad time to go on vacation?) we can take mental vacays by surfing the net for the best places to go.

Often, the question comes down to “mountains or beach?” Since the great city of Houston has beaches in nearby Galveston and other locales within and hour or two drive, the mountains can scratch the itch of vacation novelty.

In a simple 2 hour plane flight, or 14 hour car sojourn, you can be standing in Colorado Springs staring at some gorgeous mountains.

Or, you could skip both ideas and opt for something different.

Either way, it’s Saturday night and hopefully you have the night off, which is sort of like a snapshot of a vacation, if you play your cards right...