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Houston Texans Coaching News: D’Anton Lynn Promoted To Secondary Coach, Romeo Crennel Still On Staff

There was other news aside from the BIG news.

Illinois v Penn State
The Texans’ DB coach back in his playing days.
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Yesterday the news we expected all along was announced. The Texans’ hydra wasn’t going to remain a hydra. The heads were sliced off. It’s just Bill O’Brien at the top of everyone, still dominating and controlling everything at NRG Park. This is what AFC South championships and winning every internal political battle gets you. Infinite ego. “Scarface” poster on the wall nonsense.

There’s a small mound of earth in the Mojave Desert called Nellie’s Nipple. It’s a non-granite ‘‘mountain” crumbling and older than the relatively new earth surrounding it. Resting at the top is a small bump of rock. From the top it looks like a massive recliner. From the bottom it looks like a breast and nipple. This is the Texans’ new organizational structure. O’Brien, of course, in this geological metaphor, is the nipple.

There was other news yesterday aside from the formal ascension of O’Brien to GM. The Texans fired Director of Player Engagement (and former Texan player) J.J. Moses after Jack Easterby hit him with the, “What is it exactly that you do here?”.

In other coaching news, just like in 2017, when the Texans’ defense plummeted with Mike Vrabel replacing Romeo Crennel as Houston’s defensive coordinator, Crennel will stay on the Texans’ staff and help Anthony Weaver as he learns the job. Hopefully the Texans’ defense in 2020 isn’t a repeat of what happened before.

And the last bit of news concerns the Texans’ defensive backs. Anthony Midget is leaving Houston to coach the Titans’ secondary in Tennessee, so D’Anton Lynn has been promoted to coach the Texans’ secondary. Houston’s secondary was bad last year. It was bad the year before that. The Texans need to add talent so it isn’t bad again in 2020. A change in coaching alone won’t solve the problem.

That’s it until Bill O’Brien completes his next Machiavellian maneuver.