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Three And Out: Super Bowl LIV Predictions

49ers. Chiefs. Super Bowl LIV predictions.

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-NFL Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The BIG game is almost here. Kansas City Chiefs versus San Francisco 49ers is happening this Sunday. A beautiful game. The best Super Bowl we could have possible have is almost here. Chips and dips and drinks and appetizers. Catches and hits and tackles and sacks. Before then, since we’re here, these are our predictions for Super Bowl Sunday.


Read the game preview. You read it? Okay, good. Listen to the podcast. You listen to it? Okay, good.

I’m going with the Chiefs simply because throwing the ball is better than running the ball. Jimmy Garoppolo will need to throw the ball more than eight times for San Francisco to win. The Chiefs are great against play action. I trust Patrick Mahomes against a top pass defense more than I trust old Jimmy G (!) against a great Chiefs pass defense.

It’s as simple as that.

MIKE: CHIEFS 42, 49ERS 31.

This one could easily play out in similar fashion to the divisional round game where the Texans jumped out to an early lead on the Chiefs and then Kansas City woke up and stepped on the gas. Sure, the 49ers are a better overall team (from coach to water boy) than Houston, but Patrick Mahomes is having a season for the ages, Andy Reid has been here before and in the end, the 49ers just don’t have the offensive firepower to keep up with KC. Defense wins championships, but this year former shortstops turned QBs do.


I’m genuinely excited for this years Super Bowl. For one, the Patriots aren’t playing. Two, because the Patriots aren’t playing, it feels fresh. Three, I think these were the two best teams at the end of the year.

I think the Chiefs win this game because of their offense. Patrick Mahomes is the best player on the field. If he wins the Super Bowl, it will set his narrative for the best young QB the game has ever seen for the next few years. The Chiefs also have a ton of speed that is going to be difficult for the 49ers to match up with. Between Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman, the Chiefs should be able to find one or two big plays downfield against a very good San Francisco defense. Throw in Travis Kelce soaking up some short yardage conversions, and I think we will see fireworks when the Chiefs are on the field.

The 49ers have an elite defensive line. If they can get continuous pressure on Mahomes while only rushing four, then they will be able to make this a close game. Nick Bosa is already a top three defensive lineman and he will be the key to the 49ers’ defense succeeding or failing on Sunday. They can beat you up front in a number of ways and the Chiefs’ line will be tested early and often. Jimmy Garoppolo has been underrated all season, but he’s actually played pretty well. If the 49ers can establish a run game early and Kyle Shanahan has the opportunity to start mixing in play-action passes, this game will be very entertaining.

TIM: CHIEFS 31, 49ERS 28.

I’m really looking forward to this game, as I think it has a chance to go down as an all-timer. I believe Jimmy Garoppolo makes a mistake or two more than Patrick Mahomes does on Sunday in a game that goes down to the final drive. Ultimately, I give the Chiefs’ freakish offense the edge over the 49ers’ stout defense. Andy Reid finally hoists the Lombardi.

BMFD: CHIEFS 38, 49ERS 41.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited about a Super Bowl in my nearly 50 years of stalking this rock.

On one hand, you have the offensive minds of Andy Reid and Eric Bienemy for the Chiefs. I do not know how the 49ers will be able to match up against the skill position speed because who can? The defense, however, is very middling, and as long as you can slow down Chris Jones, Frank Clark, and Terrell Suggs, the rest of the defense is mediocre (including Tyrann Mathieu).

Then, you have the guy I wanted to take over the Texans a couple years ago, Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers are going to shift and put guys in motion, which will slow down the pass rush. The 49ers defense is elite, coming in at #2 in DDVOA.

Overall, it’s a fantastic match-up of strengths and weaknesses, but I think the 49ers are a better team overall.


Being in San Francisco, I can finally report people are interested in the game... but only for the parade. We love parades here. Who even is the QB? I’ve heard he’s cute.

This game comes down to the 49ers’ run game against the Chiefs’ front. You’d think a team with Jimmy G (yes, I do know his name) would throw the ball 45 times, but their offense is geared towards the RPO, where the run is the primary option. The Chiefs are thin at defensive line.

We all saw the power of the Chiefs’ offense when at full gear. They may be only one or two defenses EVER in the league able to stop them. The 49ers have some of pieces, but their defense has been playing strong lately. They’ve completely shut down some opponents in the playoffs. The bye week may be more helpful for getting the Chiefs’ offense healthy than keeping the 49ers’ defense hot.

It’s the Super Bowl. Throw out the records, their play in the postseason, and what the pundits say. This game comes down to which coach can evolve better mid-game. The Super Bowl is a long game, and it’s one you need to have the best game plan for.

Go 49ers. Bring that trophy back to The Bay.