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2019 NFL Playoffs Final Score/Post-Game Recap: Bills 19, Texans 22

I have no idea what just happened.

Wild Card Round - Buffalo Bills v Houston Texans Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills went up 13-0 in the first half and eventually led 16-0. Josh Allen had a 40+ yard run. John Brown threw Allen a touchdown pass. Buffalo kicked three other field goals. J.J. Watt had a key sack that forced one of them.

Houston’s offense stuttered and sputtered. Deshaun Watson was sacked five times. The Bills were all over their routes, nothing was open, and the offense was trapped in a box. DeAndre Hopkins had zero catches for a long stretch of the game.

The Texans then outscored the Bills 19-0 at one point in the second half. Watson had an incredible run to put Houston on the board on a fun zone read play. They finally used Hopkins along the sideline to get him the ball deep downfield. A two-point conversion gave the Texans a three point lead.

Then the Bills fought back. An enormous Devin Singletary screen play put them in field goal position. A Josh Allen option play converted a key third down. From there, everything fell apart for Buffalo. Allen took an intentional grounding penalty on third down and was sacked on 4th and 27 on the following play by Jacob Martin.

All Houston had to do was pick up one first down to win. They ran the ball four times, including a fourth down sneak. They failed to convert. The game continued. Allen had another chance at a game-winning or game-tying drive.

Zero timeouts for the Bills. Down 19-16. A first down conversion scramble. A deep comeback to John Brown. Another out to Brown. Ball at the Houston 39 yard line. Bradley Roby dropped a pick-six earlier in the game and dropped an interception that would have ended it. Somehow the Bills clawed back and tied it to send the game to overtime.

19-19. At this point, my brain went blank and fuzzy. The game lost its damn mind. I lost my mind. I was watching the greatest game of all time. Each team failed to score on their first possession. Watson converted on 3rd and 18 to Duke Johnson with the entire Buffalo secondary sitting at the first down marker.

And then, the greatest play in Texans franchise history happened. Watson was sandwiched between two free rushers. He bounced off of one, bounced off another, scrambled out into space, and dumped it off to Taiwan Jones for a gigantic gain. In comes Kai’imi Fairbairn. The Houston Texans win in overtime and advance in the 2019 NFL Playoffs.

I present to you the greatest play in NFL history:

Houston will play the Ravens in Baltimore next week unless the Tennessee Titans beat the New England Patriots. If that happens, the Texans will travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs.