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Albert Breer Discusses Jack Easterby On Ryen Russillo Podcast, And It’s Not A Glowing Review

An inside look at the man who survived the purge of Bill O’Brien.

New England Patriots Vs Houston Texans At NRG Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Earlier this week, Albert Breer of Monday Morning Quarterback fame went on Ryen Russillo’s podcast to discuss the NFL. That conversation led to Breer talking about Jack Easterby. You can listen to the entire podcast here. Steph Stradley has bookmarked the parts you, as a Houston Texans fan, should really pay attention to.

In this clip Rivers McCown pulled, Breer talks about the influence Easterby has in Houston.

In this clip, Breer discusses Easterby’s ascension from working as a quality control guy in New England to leaving for the Colts with Josh McDaniels (whoops!) to heading to Houston, where he allegedly aided in the firing of Brian Gaine and the botched attempt to bring Nick Caserio to Houston. Breer also discusses the relationships Easterby has with Dabo Swinney, people in New England, and Cal McNair.

We’ve known that Easterby has been a shadow figure in Houston whose job title and responsibilities has grown significantly these last two seasons. What he exactly does at NRG Park is unknown. As the Texans search for a new general manager and head coach, how much influence Easterby has could decide who the Texans try to find to lead a new regime charged with building around Deshaun Watson.

Hopefully for someone with such a minuscule football background, any influence is small and the reports are overblown. For now, it does seem like Easterby is playing a significant role in Houston’s decision-making process.