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Houston Texans News: Eli Ankou Traded To Cowboys For 2021 Seventh Round Draft Pick

We hardly knew you.

Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We here at Battle Red Blog have been tracking the movement of Eli Ankou for weeks now. First he came in for a workout. Then he signed to the practice squad. Then he was promoted to the active roster. A desperate gasp to improve Houston’s interior defensive line, a clump of hair to try and clog up the opponents rushing attack that had ruined Houston almost every game this season. After the bye, we expected to see some Ankou when the Texans faced the Jaguars.

At the same time, a different part of Texas is going through their own misadventures. The Dallas Cowboys recently cut Dontari Poe, who is the size of an above ground swimming pool and defends the interior like water sloshing around in one. He gently swayed backwards and side to side, providing nothing to their roster. He weighs at least 380 pounds. I’ve never seen anyone more out of shape on a professional football field before than Poe was this year.

The Texans were able to turn Dallas’s need—someone who could replace Poe—since they still have to play football and all, into a seventh round draft pick.

Jack Easterby is proving this is chess, not checkers. After only signing Ankou this year, Houston’s interim GM was able to flip him to Dallas for a seventh round pick. This is how you win. This is how you recoup pick volume. This is how you create a winning roster again, by winning along the margins.