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Houston Texans Podcast: Gary Kubiak’s REVENGE (Texans v. Vikings Review)

The Houston Texans are 0-4, but hey, at least Gary Kubiak’s happy.

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It’s year seven of the Bill O’Brien era. Seven (!!!!!) years. And still, after seven years, after taking over play calling duties once again, the Houston Texans failed to attack the Vikings’ deep pass defense, played a ball control offense until they fell far behind, and still got exactly what they wanted—a close game where they could win at the very end. This week, they didn’t. After three failed attempts at running the ball, Will Fuller dropped an almost game-tying touchdown catch, the same type of catch DeAndre Hopkins made at least 15 times while he was in Houston. As a result, the Houston Texans lost another close game. They’re 0-4. The season is effectively over. But, hey, at least Gary Kubiak got his REVENGE.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and Joe review the Texans loss to the Minnesota Vikings and Houston’s 0-4 start. Topics include ranting about the Texans’ offense (sorry, I’m no Seth Payne), why Bill O’Brien’s play calling was atrocious, if Deshaun Watson is regressing, where Brandin Cooks was, J.J. Watt not being J.J. Watt, the secondary’s struggles against Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, Bill O’Brien’s end, and of course, your beautiful and wonderful listener questions.

Let’s start the show.

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