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BREAKING NEWS: Houston Texans Fire Bill O’Brien


NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

John McClain is reporting that your Houston Texans have fired general manager/head coach Bill O’Brien.

Romeo Crennel is now the interim head coach of the Texans.

With the Texans starting the season 0-4 and looking completely overmatched while doing so, this shouldn’t be a surprise. This was Bill O’Brien’s team from top to bottom. After yesterday’s loss to the Vikings, I finally thought O’Brien’s time in Houston had expired, but I never thought a change would happen until the 2020 season was over. I was, as usual, totally wrong.

The Bill O’Brien Era in Houston is over. Much more on this to come.

UPDATE: Here’s Cal McNair’s official statement on O’Brien’s termination.