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Houston Texans Podcast: A Requiem For Bill O’Brien

Our local nightmare is finally over. Cal McNair did it. Bill O’Brien is gone.

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Seven years. Seven. Years. And it all has come to an end now that Cal McNair has pulled the plug on the Bill O’Brien era in Houston.

Death isn’t the end. It’s not something to fear. It’s the goal. It’s cause for celebration. It’s a time for nine person podcasts, twelve packs of malt liquor, a new haircut, and an excuse to put on that suit that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Finally. It’s over. The nightmare is over. We all get our favorite football team back again.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston, Diehard Chris, Joe, Carlos Flores, Uprooted Texan, and Scott (a/k/a l4blitzer) square dance and sing about the end of the Bill O’Brien era. Topics include why Bill O’Brien was fired, his legacy, what his biggest downfall was, how he fared as a head coach compared to as a general manager, possible head coaching candidates, whether this will be a highly sought after job, where the Texans go from here this season, and of course, your wonderful and beautiful listener questions.

Let’s start the show.

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