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Texans Fire VP of Communications Amy Palcic, Continue Stepping On Rakes

The Texans fire one of the best in the business for “cultural differences”.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Today it was reported that the Texans have fired their Vice President of Communications, Amy Palcic, for not being a “culture fit”.

Aaron Wilson reported it was Jamey Rootes who made the call, which is a strange way to ensure Jack Easterby isn’t blamed for this decision.

This is one of those little things, but little things are super important. That the Texans fired the “first and only woman to have full PR responsibilities for an NFL team” is not a good look. Additionally, that she won the 2017 Rozelle Award for the best PR staff means fitting into the Texans’ culture means not winning, I guess.

It seems like the people who should know believe that Palcic was not only good at her job, but she is widely considered to be one of the best in the NFL at what she does.

For a team like the Texans, who had to deal with over six years of “Tough, Smart, and Dependable” (TM) being more important than actually being good at football, this move feels like trash. Even with Bill O’Brien finally gone, this organization continues to be a veritable clown car of incompetence. It’s way beyond time for the McNairs to sell the team in the best interest of Houston Texans football.