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Houston Texans Podcast: NFL Week Ten Preview

Your 2020 Week Ten NFL Preview. Colts v. Titans. Texans v. Browns. Bills v. Cardinals. Buccaneers v. Panthers.

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Words are useless. They’re finite. They’re boring. They describe a thing, but they aren’t the thing itself. I don’t care about those silly little marks anymore. No.

What I care about are feelings. How do you describe a feeling? You can’t. You can say what the feeling is, but that’s only a connection, a string that ties something to something else. The word itself doesn’t produce anything. It’s empty. They all are. Feelings. That’s what matters. That’s what grand, wonderful, and means something. So go for a walk, press play, and feel the feeling. Whatever that means. Whatever this means which, if you’re still following along, means nothing at all.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio Matt and his good friend Taylor preview Week Ten of the 2020 NFL season. Topics include which young quarterback you’d build around once the globalists win and The Great Reset happens, how the Texans can repair their airplane while it travels in mid-air, AFC South MaDnEsS, Nick Chubb running backwards for 200 yards against Houston this weekend, Josh Allen being better than Russell Wilson now (sorry, I don’t make the rules; I only frsl in facts), and Teddy Bridgewater blasphemy.

Let’s start the show.

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