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BREAKING NEWS: Bradley Roby Also Suspended For Six Games

Just when you thought it was safe to ingest questionable substances...

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

It was bad enough that we found out a few hours ago the Texans would play out the rest of the season without their top receiving target in Will Fuller. Now news is coming down that they’ll have to do the same without their top cornerback, Bradley Roby, who has also been suspended for six games.

If you can’t see it in the tweet above, Roby issued the following statement:

I apologize to my family, my teammates, the Houston Texans organization, and the fans. A few months ago I unknowingly used a product that was contaminated with a banned substance by the NFL. I recognize that it is my job to know, and be responsible for, everything I put into my body. I will be suspended for six games ending my season. I will take the necessary steps in the future to prevent this from ever happening again. I look forward to rejoining my teammates next season in our goal to bring a championship to Houston.

While it may read as the typical boilerplate “Oops, I messed up” we see whenever a player gets in PED trouble, thanks to the work of Mike Meltser, we know that both Fuller’s and Roby’s suspensions are tied to the discovery of “an anabolic agent.”

The absence of Roby is a big deal. He was the best corner on the team. Sure, for this team the best corner is like saying the least bitey piranha, but without Roby, the Texans’ top two corners are now Phillip Gaines and Vernon Hargreaves III.

It’s not just a little odd that both of these players get suspended on the same day for the same reason. It could entirely be a coincidence, but then I’ve never been a big believer in coincidence, and this would be a really big coincidence.

At least we have a plethora of picks in this year’s draft to soften...the...blow. Oh, right. Yeah, this sucks.

UPDATE: Roby’s suspension has significant financial ramifications, including but not limited to voiding the $8 million he was guaranteed to receive in 2021 through the three-year contract extension he signed last March.