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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: 11/7/2020

It’s Saturday night. It’s SNOT time.

Landscape with Trees-’Autumn’ Photo by WAVE: The Museums, Galleries and Archives of Wolverhampton/Getty Images

Are you out there? It’s .me. You used to type things here over the weekend, but now you don’t anymore, and that’s fine. There are other places to do this sort of thing, and it’s better to be directly in your reality, doing things, than hunched over the cold monitor, letting days fall away.

Still, at the same time, it’s good to have this, this spot where you can talk to your friends online. There, in these moments, it’s nice to be with others just like you. From this camaraderie, with your fellow man, if he even exists to begin with, alive. Being lonely hurts just a little bit less.

Here’s your S.N.O.T. for the week. I don’t know if you even exist. But it’s here. Just for you. To discuss anything and everything you wan, from the Texans, to your favorite coffee porter, to your favorite color of leaf, your favorite air mattress memory, whatever. It’s here for you this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.