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Houston Texans Podcast: Week Fourteen NFL Preview

Your 2020 Week Fourteen NFL Preview. Texans v. Bears. Vikings v. Buccaneers. Chiefs v. Dolphins. Steelers v. Bills. Ravens v. Browns.

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There’s an Outback Steakhouse at the outlet nall that I’ll always call home. It’s more than just a chain restaurant from Dallas that finagles Australian culture by screaming “DOWN UNDAH!” at you when you call and make an unnecessary reservation, provides bread that looks like a forgotten potato, or feeds you a pretty tasty ribeye that will leave you feeling like a shark who swallowed a license plate and an old boot the following day. It’s more than your tastebuds. The food will slog its way through the winding road of your guts and leave your butt eventually. Your mouth will be cleansed by a holy Foster’s Ale. It’s more than that. It’s about the memory, the feeling, the sour-faced woman in red in the booth adjacent to you. Those are the things you can keep forever.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt and his good friend Taylor preview Week Fourteen of the 2020 NFL season. Topics include the beautiful woman in the front row, revisiting this week’s Power Rankings, Steph Stradley’s question about the Texans, DeAndre Hopkins missing Deshaun Watson SO SO SO much, what to watch for in Texans-Bears, Minnesota’s commendable fight back into the playoff race, Miami blitzing Kansas City, Buffalo catching up to Josh Allen, and the impending Baltimore run.

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