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Houston Texans Final Score/Post-Game Recap: Texans 7, Bears 36

The Texans lose big to the Bears. Everything sucks.

NFL: Houston Texans at Chicago Bears Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

People who write or say things like, something is “indescribable,” or ““There are no words that can be said,” or “This image alone is enough” are people who simply don’t have the ability to define what outlandish thing occurred on their own with their own words. This isn’t a fault of language. This is the fault of one’s own consciousness. All that being said, there is absolutely nothing that can be said about today’s Texans-Bears game. Nothing.

Everything about it was hideous, grotesque, and atrocious. There was not one bright spot. The pass rush was bad. The coverage was bad. The special teams play was bad. The tackling was bad. The run fits were bad. The gloves were bad. The run game was bad. All of it was bad. It was a complete and total domination.

The worst part of it was the pass protection, though. Deshaun Watson was suffocated in the pocket, smashed eleven times, and sacked six times. On one pass attempt, he hit his elbow on a flying helmet. The following play A.J. McCarron came in. He was sacked as well. You have to love it.
After this point, Watson was out there flailing like an iceskating Bambi, raging against the dying light, looking for something open, running from another free pass rusher, and diving for anything he could. He should have been pulled. There was nothing to do. Nothing to play for.
The season has been over since Week Five. The 2020 season was officially over after last week’s loss. All there is to do is to pray for health and Kahale Warring to finally catch a football.

I could say more things about how bad today was, how bad everything is, but every second of every day is beautiful, precious, and perfect. This sentence is a bookmark I keep close to my heart. You already know today was bad. I don’t have to elaborate any further. So let’s move on, watch Josh Allen tonight, and hope the Texans can upset the Colts next week to throw a banana peel into their postseason plans. Because at this point, that’s all we have left as Texans fans.