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Laremy Tunsil, Deshaun Watson Named To 2021 NFL Pro Bowl

Run it back.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Last season, the Texans had two players selected to the Pro Bowl—left tackle Laremy Tunsil and quarterback Deshaun Watson. This season, the Texans again have two Pro Bowlers—left tackle Laremy Tunsil and quarterback Deshaun Watson.

There is no surprise here. Watson is an elite quarterback, even through a head coaching change, an offensive coordinator who lost and gained playcalling duties again, a revolving interior offensive line, and a run game that is ranked 32nd in run offense DVOA. Tunsil is a great pass protecting offensive tackle. He’s a big name. This is usually what it takes.

This year, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, the 2021 Pro Bowl will not be played. Instead, it will be a week long virtual event and will take place inside of a video game.

Regardless, congratulations to Watson and Tunsil on their excellent 2020 season and for being awarded for it.