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Houston Texans Podcast: Dumb and Dumber

Matt Weston, Scott, and BFD discuss the Texans’ newest entry in how to lose in extremely stupid fashion to the Indianapolis Colts while simultaneously envisioning the future.

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Two weeks ago, we thought we found the bottom, the dumbest possible way the Houston Texans could lose to the Indianapolis Colts. Nick Martin scuffling a snap across the turf while simultaneously missing his block and giving Grover Stewart a path to the ball couldn’t be topped.

Then this week happened. The same thing. The same situation. It wasn’t a question of if the Texans would lose, but how dumb they would look doing it. Somehow, they nearly surpassed their previous buffoonery. Keke Coutee was tackled from behind after breaking a tackle and turning up the field to tie the game, only to be stripped and for the Colts to recover in the end zone.

The bottom is infinite. There are no limits to the misery the soul can experience or, in this case, what our favorite football team can inflict upon those who dare to love it.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston, BFD, and Scott discuss Houston’s newest stupid loss to the Colts while simultaneously envisioning the future. Topics include where this loss ranks in the history of dumb losses to the Colts, why Deshaun Watson has had so much success against the Colts this year, my emergency room visits resulting from having a little too much Kahale Warring, how long it will take for nature to heal itself in the post Bill O’Brien wasteland this team travels through, Chad Hansen, Tyrell Adams’ inter-dimensional space travel, and, of course, your beautiful and perfect listener questions.

Let’s start the show.

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