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The Christmas Spirit: Houston Texans Style

Tis’ the season.

‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens Photo by Culture Club/Getty Images

As we enter the Christmas season, we find ourselves looking back upon the classic tales that so define the season for us. One such tale is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Most know of the story, even if they haven’t actually read the text. The story centers on an old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who seems excessively cruel and vindictive. However, on one Christmas Eve, the old miser is visited by his former business partner and three spirits who show him what he needs to know to recapture the true Christmas spirit. What is that spirit? For Scrooge, it was recapturing the idea of sharing your gifts with the world, particularly those gifts that can help others in a less fortunate position than yourself.

It is the spirit of giving, the spirit of helping those with your gifts that is a key feature of the Christmas season. In cases such as Scrooge, it can be the use of monetary wealth to aid those in need, whether it is medical care for a disabled child, or donating money for food for those in need. In the 177 years since A Christmas Carol entered English literature and the Christmas lexicon, many have carried that spirit into their own lives. For the Houston Texans, while most would not appear to have the stinginess of Scrooge pre-ghost visits, they have outwardly displayed the Scrooge of that Christmas morning, giving of their time and resources.

Since the start of Advent, the following actions have been documented by individual players, the team and outside reporting:

Deshaun Watson:

Justin Reid:

Laremy Tunsil:

Houston Texans (Team Actions):

While there is room for some skepticism in the overall motives of said players/organization, it should not be ignored that people can and will benefit from these efforts of kindness and charity. One gift will not necessarily change the entire course of someone’s life. People who struggled before the holidays will continue to struggle in the days afterwards. Yet there is a place for kindness and charity. One act may be enough to bring a little light into a dark time, no matter how small. Whether it comes from players who make millions playing a game, or it comes from a nameless individual helping another nameless person away from the glare of social media, kindness and the true meaning of the holiday spirit are as much a part of this time of the year as are old songs, Christmas trees and sales at the stores.

The on-field performance for the 2020 Texans has been less than stellar, and we can be critical of the actions of each player as it relates to the game between the hashmarks. That does not mean we can’t also celebrate those efforts they make to help those who could use a hand this difficult holiday season, especially in 2020. Maybe we can’t solve all the problems in the world, but in this season that is meant to celebrate the best in people, we can all do our part, whether we wear jerseys and pads or just regular clothes.

Links to further information about player/team charities: