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Houston Texans Coaching News: Texans Interview Marvin Lewis

Because of course.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

Our worst nightmare has been confirmed. The Texans interviewed Marvin Lewis as their newest head coach.

If you forgot, Marvin Lewis was the Bengals’ head coach for 16 years. They won exactly zero playoff games during that time. Zero. ZERO. Ha ha ha ha ha ZERO. Yet during that time, Cincinnatie did make seven postseason trips and Lewis was 131-122-3 overall. In his final season, the Bengals went 6-10 and finally realized Lewis wasn’t the right man to get them over the hump.

Since then, Lewis was partying out at Arizona State with Herm Edwards. Lewis is drawing head coach interest this year and could be a candidate for several other jobs. Much like Jim Caldwell, who the Texans interviewed earlier this week.

I hope for all of our sanity this is just due diligence by the Texans.