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Houston Texans Podcast: Lone Survivor

Matt Weston talks to himself and reviews the Texans newest hilarious loss, this one to the Cincinnati Bengals.

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As I enter the next stage of my life, I have worked at being more selfless. Trying to provide more for others. Chip in whenever I can. Bring up those around me. Create instead of take. These are all positives. The pluses are romanticized in our society. Yet there is something to be said about not being a negative. Rather than dragging the rest down with your own filth, creation, and fear of decimation, be strong, stable, and keep your head down while you do what you need to do; that has value.

So, rather than drag others down to hell with me to discuss the Texans’ 31-37 loss to the Bengals, I played Mike Meltser and did it all myself on this episode of BRR. Yes, the men in white lab coats are my new best friends. Why do you ask? It seemed like a valid question at the time.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and only Matt Weston discusses the Texans’ one possession win-loss record, Deshaun Watson’s latest great game, the Brandin Cooks dilemma, Houston’s skeleton offensive line, Laremy Tunsil’s value, Keion Crossen waving his arms around a lot, the long and illustrious list of quarterbacks Houston has lost to that now includes Brandon Allen, rotten linebacker play, Xavier Su’a-Filo getting his revenge through the Bengals’ outside zone game, and of course, your beautiful and perfect listener questions.

Let’s start the show.

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