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Nick Caserio Is Staying In New England

I thought we had something last summer.

New England Patriots v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Remember last summer? Woooo boy that was dumb. Brian Gaine was fired after the NFL Draft and the Texans do nothing free agency. The Texans then tried to poach Nick Caserio to be their general manager. The Patriots bickered back with tampering charges. The Texans relinquished and moved on, giving Bill O’Brien full control.

Some were still holding out for Caserio to come to Houston once his contract ended this spring. Houston would then operate like normal teams do and have a general manager. Caserio seems to be highly respected, whatever that means, and the Texans would fulfill their Patriots south destiny and complete their Caserio, O’Brien, and Jack Easterby New England trinity.

That won’t be happening. This was a failure that became wishful thinking. Caserio signed a multi year extension to remain in New England as their director of player personnel.

If you were holding out for Houston to hire a general manager there it is, a smoldering pile of dreams and hopes. Bill O’Brien is the head coach and general manager. The entire franchise is under his operation and control.