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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: 2/22/2020

Take off your pants and helmet cause it’s SNOT time.

AAF: Birmingham Iron at Atlanta Legends Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t help but wonder if the rapid rise and fall of the ill-fated Alliance of American Football helped or hurt the newest rendition of the XFL. Did the AAF make people more apathetic about side-leagues? Did it pave the way for those seeking pro football beyond the NFL? Or did it just drive home the notion that no one will ever challenge The Way?

Is the XFL just one more in a long line of upstart leagues that won’t last more than a year? Or did Vince McMahon finally find a way to do what others haven’t and bring his success with WWF/WWE “sports entertainment” to the gridiron?

I also wonder how many people get rich each year with fad diet schemes, why the Cypress Outlet Malls are a magnet for criminals, and how I can improve my aim in first person battle royal games like Apex Legends.

None of this is worth losing sleep over (unless you’re the latest Cypress Outlet Mall victim) because it’s Saturday night and Off Topic is all good. Well, except the crime part...