10 Thoughts About B.O.B. and the Depths of Dumb

It has taken a day for the bombshell that was the DeAndre Hopkins giveaway to sink in enough to sprout coherent thought. Actually, the word "thought" probably does not belong anywhere near a discussion about the armed robbery that occurred yesterday when the Texans had to tack on a 4th round pick to Hopkins and his 3 years of control to get Arizona to hand over a washedup, expensive RB, a 2nd round pick and a future 4th round pick.

Here are 10 thoughts about what went down yesterday.....

  1. Who would have thought......that B.O.B.'s GM work would make him look like a good head coach in comparison? B.O.B made the big move last season to consolidate his power, kind of like Michael Corleone at the end of The Godfather Part 1. Of course the big difference is that Pacino turned out to be a highly skilled mob boss, while B.O.B. ....uh...... has not.
  2. This felt like one of those "fan" trades on an Arizona radio talk show - You know one of those suggested trades where the hosts drop the call and make fun of the idiocy of the caller. Most fans believe at times they are as smart as the GMs. Most of the time this is a foolish thought, but.....not this time.
  3. What did Cardinal GM Steve Keim do to get B.O.B. to agree to this trade? Did Keim have members of B.O.B.s family held hostage in the Arizona desert? More likely B.O.B. was being held hostage by his own emotions and his desire to have a homogenous mediocre team.
  4. Is B.O.B. channeling the ghost of Spec Richardson? Most folks are going " Spec who?" at this point. Spec Richardson was the Astros GM between 1967 and 1975 and basically recognized for sending off terrific talent (mostly young) for mediocre returns. He is the man who traded off future Hall of Famer Joe Morgan. He traded off near Hall of Famer Rusty Staub (Over 2700 hits/ 1400+ RBIs in his career). He traded off Mike Cuellar, who won 20 games 4 times for the Orioles and was a Co-CY Young award winner. He traded off slugger John Mayberry, who had over 100 RBIs 3 of the first 4 seasons with the Royals. B.O.B. is not quite even with Spec yet, but he is giving him a run for his money as the worst GM in Houston sports history.
  5. Did you think that B.O.B. could make a trade that would make the Clowney trade look good in comparison? Probably not, but he did. What's next? Trade Deshaun for a 5th rounder and sign Phillip Rivers to a 10 year / $500 million contract with $400 million guaranteed? (Well only if Watson criticizes the Hop trade....)
  6. What does B.O.B.'s learning curve as GM look like? Everybody has a bit of a learning curve when they start a new job. B.O.B.'s curve at the moment looks like the Dow Jones average curve over the last few weeks.....
  7. Does this finally affect ticket sales? Well assuming there is a season - this is unsure. I am not one of those fortunate enough to have so much disposable income that he can have season tickets - but I assume that season ticket renewal has already occurred. So, too late to affect that. What about single game tickets? Again, unlikely to affect the least for 2020. But if the Texans slip down the slope, this could get ugly with empty seats in 2020 and a smaller season ticket base for 2021.
  8. What happens if a player hates this trade? Getting back to Item 5).....B.O.B. looks like he has studied the tactics of humanitarians like Stalin and Mao in his burnt earth policy. Speak out against the "Ultimate Leader" and find yourself sent off to the Siberian gulag or at least Arizona.
  9. Is the only person more incompetent than B.O.B. named Cal? Is there no oversight? Is there no accountability? This almost (OK not really) makes one long for a Jerry Jones intervention. Cal where are you and what are you thinking?
  10. How much more bad news can we stand? With the coronavirus, we already have no sports to watch, no bars to sit in and commiserate, no restaurants to sit in and be served, diminished savings, diminished investments, threatened jobs, threatened businesses, health worries, family worries and dogs and cats living together. Couldn't we at least have the positive thought that when football returns we have a good talented club that is being run by people with more sports sense than a five year old? Couldn't we be warmed by the belief that our team will be better in 2021 than in 2020?
They say that train wrecks are fascinating to watch, but somehow this is more nauseating than fascinating.