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Michael Irvin: Here’s The Real Reason Why DeAndre Hopkins Was Traded


NFL: JAN 12 AFC Divisional Playoff - Texans at Chiefs Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

From a purely football standpoint, the DeAndre Hopkins trade that was made two days ago is a complete and utter disaster, a trade unlike anyone has ever seen before. The Texans traded a durable top three wide receiver, in the prime of his career, with zero bonus money remaining on his contract, for a running back; not only that, but an expensive running back who hasn’t been great since 2016 and was the third best RB in Arizona last season. Sure, there was a second round pick involved, but as I’ve been told since the Laremy Tunsil trade, draft picks are unknown and aren’t that valuable, especially the 40th overall pick when the going rate for a player like Hopkins is a first rounder at a minimum.

After the trade occurred, Aaron Wilson reported there was friction between Bill O’Brien and DeAndre Hopkins. That friction could have meant anything. Hopkins could have been dissatisfied with the play calling, or his move to the slot, or practice, or his contract, or any number of reasons.

This friction report sounded like typical Texans propaganda—rumors force-fed and then regurgitated out to give reasoning for an all-time stupid trade.

Today we heard a different justification for the alleged friction. According to Michael Irvin, the friction between Bill O’Brien and Hopkins was due to sex and children borne out of wedlock.

Sit back. Let that sink in. This is the culture Jack Easterby and Bill O’Brien have worked so hard to develop.

UPDATE: After Michael Irvin dropped his bomb earlier this morning, Dianna Russini reported that DeAndre Hopkins’ people told the Texans weeks ago that he wanted a new contract that would pay him the going rate for the best at his position. If the Texans believe this somehow justifies the trade in the minds of the fan base, they’re even more out of touch than we feared.

UPDATE II: DeAndre Hopkins just responded to all the publicity Michael Irvin’s report got this morning.

Not exactly a repudiation of any of the specifics of what Irvin said, is it?

UPDATE III: As you’d probably expect, former Texans wide receivers Jaelen Strong and Braxton Miller are decidedly not members of Team O’Brien.

UPDATE IV: DeVier Posey (remember him?) chimes in with yet another unflattering story about how he was treated by O’Brien during his time in Houston.