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2020 NFL Draft: Who Are Your Targets For The Texans?

Grab your pen and paper. Hop on the YouTube. It’s scouting time.

Tennessee v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Let’s take off this serious journalist hat for a second and be very informal here.

Earlier this week, I sat down to write about Whitney Mercilus, how his contract extension has already hurt the Houston Texans, and how his 2019 season was overrated by an inflated sack total. Only one of Mercilus’ sacks was the result of a real pass rush move. It was a quick spin inside against backup left tackle turned offensive guard Will Richardson Jr. The rest were chase-downs and wide looping paths that only ended in a sack because of interior pressure.

Quickly, I realized, I don’t want to do any of this. I didn’t want watch ineffective pass rush after ineffective pass rush or competent run stops when matched up against a tight end. I got it. There would be nothing new to gain from it. The money that went to Mercilus could have gone to award guaranteed money in DeAndre Hopkins’ existing contract, which is a spineless argument for an unbelievably stupid trade to begin with, or to Dante Fowler Jr., or to Jadeveon Clowney, or to Chris Harris Jr....players that could have upgraded a bad pass defense. That money didn’t go there. It was sunk back into the existing roster instead.

The NFL offseason is now pretty much over until the 2020 NFL Draft begins. As it goes every year, there’s a big first wave of action in free agency, and then teams sit on their cap space until after draft to fill in the remaining holes. As someone who doesn’t watch college football and knows nothing about the players eligible for the draft, I like to spend the month of April cramming in as much watching as possible to have some semblance of an idea once the Battle Of Flowers comes marching in. This is my personal annual version of the Laremy Tunsil trade.

So to start this process, to get on and get ready, who are your favorite draft targets for the Houston Texans? I need a starting point. I need your help.

Please use the comments below to provide recommendations on players I should watch.