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BRB Groupthink: Moving On Up In The 2020 NFL Draft

Should the Texans move up and get a pick in the first round tonight?

Academy Sports & Outdoors Bowl - Texas v Missouri Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft begins tonight. The Texans don’t have a first round pick. Their first round draft pick is Laremy Tunsil, Those are Bill O’Brien’s words, not mine.

This evening O’Brien and Jack Easterby will be just like us, sitting on our back porch, waiting for the sun to come down, watching a bizarre NFL Draft consisting of botched Zoom appointments, conference calls, frozen Skype interviews, and virtual handshakes as the NFL navigates the treacherous cyber waters of online communication.

Houston may not have a pick from 1-32, but what they do have is the 40th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Would you want Houston trade back up into the first round tonight? If so, which player(s) do you think would be worth moving up to target?

This is the question I asked the Masthead. These are their answers:


Dear Durga no. The last thing we need is Bill O’Brien trading away what little draft capital we have left to move up and take a player that is highly coveted by Bill O’-[EXPLETIVE]-Brien.


At this point, my blanket stance is that I don’t want to see a Bill O’Brien trade again for the rest of his GM tenure.


The only thing that terrifies me more than another BOB trade is BOB trying to draft.

Can we put a Madden simulation in charge of the draft?


I think that the Texans should stay put exactly where they are. There’s plenty of potential at the 40th pick, so it’s not a bad move to make no move at all. BOB mentioned in his presser that this will a tough year for rookies.

That being said, maybe BOB will drink enough fight milk to start wheeling and dealing. He’s a WILD CARD.


BOB isn’t likely going to start any rookies this year due to the lack of time in camp during preseason, so I’d rather he trade back as much as possible. In fact, I hope he trades as many of this year’s picks for next year’s picks as he can.

If the universe hasn’t completely abandoned Houston fans, wait….[checks the world headlines for news throughout 2020]….ah, well, never mind that thought, because the universe is clearly imploding to reverse the effects of the Big Bang. But if that was NOT the case, I’d love to think BOB will be gone at this point next year and the new leadership of the Texans would have a fighting change in the 2021 draft.

So, ah, my take is trade back from 40th overall. Preferably trade it for two second rounders in 2021 with anyone other than Tampa Bay.


Why in the ever living f*** of the world would I want Bill O’Brien to ever trade anything again? This incompetent clown can technical glitch his sorry a$$ all the way to a full slate of auto picks as far as I’m concerned. I am so far beyond finished with Bill O’Brien.

Let Easterby run the draft. IDGAF.


Look, it’s all about the draft board. I’ll be able to tell you in a bit more in 24 hours. I’m expecting a run on WRs to begin the second round. There are seven picks before us tomorrow night. I bet four of them will be spent on WRs.

In this case, and ultimately looking at the draft as a whole, the Texans need to trade back. Not having a pick between 40 and 90 is not fun. Nor is it a position of strength. The difference between picks 30-50 this year is not much. However, the difference between 60-80 is massive. There’s a steep drop off this year. Because of this, Houston needs to step back in the draft and garner more picks.


While I am NOT a fan of trading up this year, the one player I would be willing to trade up for, if he fell, is Javon Kinlaw. I think he is the best IDL in the draft, a perfect fit in our multiple defensive fronts, and he will be a bull-rushing, havoc-creating phenom.

If a “stud” first round talent falls to 40, take them. If not, trade back 10-15 picks and pick up an extra third rounder. We all know this is the right road, but the, “right” road is the less traveled one by BOB.


There. That’s clearer.


I don’t see him trading the 40th pick unless O’Brien finds a way to package it with Will Fuller V or another player that allows him to move into the first round, at which point who knows who O’Brien will target? It wouldn’t surprise me to see O’Brien try to trade up a few slots and then take someone like AJ Dillon, the running back from Boston College who clearly no one else is targeting that high, just so O’Brien could finally have his Alfred Blue replacement, secure in the knowledge that anyone from Boston has to be a B’OB guy.

UPDATE: The rumor of O’Brien moving up into the first round is officially floating around.