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2020 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Second Round Predictions


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Would you like to play a game?

It’s a very simple game. You just have to answer two very simple questions.

Who do you think the Texans will take at Pick #40?

Who do want the Texans to take at Pick #40?


I haven’t really done any draft homework this year at all, so my opinion on actual names is even more worthless than usual. I WANT to say they should take the best player available, but because of the shape this defense is in, and how there’s been an imbalance of pre-draft resources expended on the offense - I’m gonna say that they both WILL and I WANT them to take the best pass-rush threat available. Whether it be someone who can provide an edge OR interior rush. My second most hoped-for position is cornerback. Going into a season with Bradley Roby as your number one corner is scary, although I have hopes for Lonnie Johnson Jr’s emergence.

That said, if there’s a run on pass-rushers and corners worthy of the 40th pick prior to Houston’s visit to the “virtual podium”, I’d rather them not reach at those spots and take someone who is a better player at a different position.


Who do you think Houston takes at pick #40?

Cole Kmet, Tight End - Notre Dame O’Brien loves him some smart, gritty players from well-established academic institutions, and there’s a decent probability that Cole doesn’t have a murse or any baby mommas to distract the cultural fabric of: “T-E-A-M!”

I wouldn’t be against a good tight end for Watson, but the defense needs a serious injection of talent at the edge and secondary (corner).

I have to also include a possible “Plan-B” given that we are talking about O’Brien here: Josh Jones, OL - Houston

BOB always likes to think he’s the smartest guy in the room, and I could see him going with Josh to think it would provide leverage in the ongoing contract negotiation with Tunsil. I can envision BOB saying: “See, I got your replacement. Sign this deal or I trade your false-starting ass.”

Who do you want Houston to take at pick #40?

A.J. Epenesa, Defensive End - Iowa. Houston’s pass rush without Watt—hell, even WITH Watt—is the equivalent of that piece of donut that has been sogging the bottom of the half-cup of coffee for the last hour while you’ve been on the phone trying to get unemployment benefits initiated. Epenesa is the best player on the board going into day two, and he fills a HUGE need for the Texans.


Who do you think Houston takes with pick #40?

*IF* he’s still on the board by pick #40, A.J. Epenesa. Houston could barely bring pressure in 2018 with Jadeveon Clowney, Whitney Mercilus and J.J. Watt. Without Clowney it’s obviously worse, and when Watt is out it’s non-existent. In a pass happy league if you can’t pressure the opposing QB you’re in trouble, especially if you have a secondary where Vernon Hargreaves is a player mentioned with the best of the bunch.

Should Epenesa land elsewhere prior to Houston’s pick, then Zack Baun is a no-brainer should he still be around.

Either way you slice it, they need to invest in the front 7 early and often.

Who do you want Houston to take at pick #40?

Either of those two mentioned above. Or, more honestly, I’d love to see them trade back a little to land a few more picks, but let’s be honest, that would take a savvy general manager... maybe Houston can draft one of those with pick #40?


Who do you think Houston takes with pick #40?

I have a weird feeling the Texans will address defensive tackle before anything. I hope that isn’t the case, but knowing O’Brien, he has a tendency of making unpopular decisions. If it’s a defensive tackle at 40, Justin Madubuike or Neville Gallimore would be my guesses.

However, in a class as deep as this one, the Texans are going to get Round 1 talent at 40, and I can’t complain.

Who do you want Houston to take at pick #40?

Any of Baun, Epenesa or Gross-Matos would be a great value pick at 40. Those guys could have easily gone last night.


Who do you think Houston takes with pick #40?

Somebody none of us has ever heard of. Quick, we need to see who Easterby has re-tweeted lately!

I bet we go offense. BOB has long shown that he’s willing to sacrifice the defensive side of the ball to help his pitiful offense.

Who do you want Houston to take at pick #40?

It’s no longer 1978. Stop establishing the run. The key to winning is your passing game beating their passing game. Our pass rush is trash. Gotta get to the QB or draft secondary help.


Who do you think Houston takes with pick #40?

We’re in a nice position due to the run on offensive talent last night. If I’m putting myself in BOB’s FiveFinger shoes, I think he stays put at 40 and takes AJ Epenesa if he’s available.

Who do you want Houston to take at pick #40?

Big Matt sold me on interior defensive line article with his article last week. Someone like Marlon Davidson or Justin Madubuike would create some interior pressure from the defensive line. If not one of them, then get an EDGE player.


Who do you think Houston takes with pick #40?

I think the Texans take Terrell Lewis because of versatility. He can do a lot of things but he isn’t great at any of them.

Who do you want Houston to take at pick #40?

I want Marlon Davidson because he’s unique and a lot of fun to watch. He’s a bullrush away from being Jurrell Caseyish, and him rushing as a stand up 3 or a stand up 5 after playing 3-4 defensive end in base is a hell of a damn time. If not Houston, I hope he goes to Carolina where he can stay bffs with Derrick Brown.

But at the end of the day, there are a lot of really good players there at #40. As long as they don’t take A.J. Epenesa (I think he kind of sucks), or Lewis, or a running back, I’d feel good about round two.

Now, I have two very simple questions for you:

Who do you think the Texans will take at pick #40?

Who do want the Texans to take at pick #40?