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Johnathan Joseph Featured On PFF’s List Of Top 101 Players For The Decade

The former Texans’ great makes the grade.

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Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Pro Football Focus has begun unveiling their list of the previous decade’s Top 101 NFL Players, and the first on the list for your Houston Texans is arguably the man responsible for the greatest cornerback stint the team has ever had, Johnathan Joseph. J-Jo recently signed with the Titans as a free agent, but he’ll always be known for his time in Houston. PFF said:

Injuries have undermined what could have been one of the best cornerback careers of recent times, but when Johnathan Joseph was healthy and at his best, there were few cover men better than him. Over the decade, he allowed fewer than 55% of passes thrown his way to be caught and had 91 forced incompletions. He was targeted over 800 times, allowed 27 touchdowns. It’s tempting to only remember Joseph as the player he has become late in his career, but he was an All-Pro caliber player at his peak who could cover with the best players in the game.

With Joseph landing at #94, we can imagine players like Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt should appear on this list as well.

What was your favorite memory of J-Jo’s time in H-Town?