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Houston Texans Podcast: Trying To Make The Case For Bill O’Brien

Matt, Carlos, and Jordan dig deep and try and find the good in Bill O’Brien.

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Houston Texans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Everything is in and of itself. Without the opposite, a reference point, it’s impossible to have the other. You can’t have love without hate, or courage without cowardice, or, in this case, constantly hating Bill O’Brien without understanding what he does well.

The Texans’ fan base is split among those who decided that O’Brien isn’t the person to get the Texans past the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs after years of first down runs, sticking to awful tall and white or athletically limited and intelligent quarterbacks while wasting the prime of J.J. Watt’s career, Alfred Blue’s 183 carry seasons, the inability to work with others, stagnated ball control offenses, being flat out unprepared in big games, not utilizing skill players well, and of course, now that he’s the general manager, getting crappy value in trades made, and generally acting in a myopic and desperate manner.

Those who feel this way are usually too far on this side and lose their argument by failing to admit what O’Brien is good at. Those who still like O’Brien as a head coach are perhaps holding onto embers and antiquated arguments.

Everyone knows about the bad, but the good is rarely discussed. So for this episode, Matt, Carlos, and Texans Thoughts (Jordan) go through and discuss what O’Brien does well, and by doing so, we will all have a better understanding of the Texans’ head coach and general manager.

Let’s start the show.

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