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Houston Texans Podcast: Leon, The NFL Draft

A 2020 NFL Draft discussion with awards as a vehicle to drive the conversation.

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2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft is gone. Sports are over. This podcast shall be the phoenix rising from the ashes before it is taken out by a private airplane somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico, and then, from there, I guess we can all hope baseball comes back.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio. Matt and Taylor hand out awards to discuss the 2020 NFL Draft some more. Topics include which team had the best draft, the quarterback selected in the first round most likely to bust , the hottest pick, would you rather, late round sleepers, and what is really in a steak salad.

Grab a quart of milk, put your headphones in, and let’s start the show.

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