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Houston Texans Double The Size Of Their Analytics Department

O’Brien Ball!

NFL: DEC 23 Texans at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Houston Texans’ analytics department is now considerably deeper than it was when the offseason began. Russell Joyner is (and has been) the Director of Football Information Systems. Weller Ross is (and has been) the Assistant Director of Football Information Systems For Analytics. Ross, of course, was the man who once wrote a groundbreaking paper that said going for it on fourth down is good. The Texans went for it on fourth down more last season. What do you know? Analytical statements written twelve years ago work.

Now the Texans have doubled the size of their analytics department. This weekend, it was announced the Texans hired Curtis Goodwin as a performance data specialist.

Earlier this offseason, Houston hired Kevin Clark as a Football Data & Applications Engineer.

Houston’s analytics department has doubled from two to four employees. Hopefully this leads to continued football innovations, like recognition that establishing the run is a myth, throwing the football is more efficient than running it, and basing performance solely on win-loss record can lead to an overestimation (or an underestimation) of a team’s true talent level. It would be great to see the Texans continue to expand upon this focus on data.

Analytics work. Continued investment into this side of the game will only make the Houston football team a better organization.