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Houston Texans Podcast: Fake Names & Fake Teams

This is the offseason and I don’t feel any different.

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SoulPancake’s Puppypalooza Party Photo by Tasia Wells/Getty Images

Fantasy football takes real players and puts them on an imaginary team drafted by you. Each week players pick up fantasy points in a head-to-head battle against your friends, your family, or some high stakes enemy online. The subject of this week’s Battle Red Radio is similar, but different. It’s a fantasy within a fantasy. Not only are the teams fake, but the players are too.

On this episode of BRR, Matt and Taylor savor an afternoon by drafting imaginary football players to build a fantasy football team. Since there are no points or algorithm that this information can be plugged into to determine victory, we need your help, loyal listener. Topics include how many touchdowns is Bobby Boucher worth; where does friend of the podcast Dennis Quaid get drafted; Air Bud, Golden Receiver; whether A.J. Soprano could have developed into a tight end if he wasn’t stuck playing defensive tackle; and our favorite football movie.

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