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What Could The Texans Trade For Jamal Adams?

Exploring what a realistic package to bring Jamal Adams to Houston from the Jets might look like.

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jamal Adams is one of the best safeties in the NFL. He completes every task required from the safety position. He can play man coverage, deep middle, rob the center part of the field, blitz, defend the run, and even go above and beyond this by doing absurd things like taking on pulling guards and sticking to tight ends in the red zone.

As previously published here and everywhere else, Adams is looking to be moved prior to the season; the Texans are reportedly on his seven team trade wish list. Houston, in theory, has the safety position filled. Justin Reid is similar to Adams in that he can carry out a wide variety of tasks. Next to Reid is big free agency signing Eric Murray and bargain bin sifting third safeties Michael Thomas and Jaylen Watkins. That being said, neither Murray, Thomas, or Watkins are players you want playing every single defensive snap.

Houston, like the other teams on Adams’ list and every team in the NFL in general, would be dramatically better with Adams on their roster. There’s one immediate issue for the Texans—they don’t have top draft capital in 2021. The Texans are without their first and second round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft, and a player like Adams would require at least a first round pick for the Jets to part with him. Because of this, I’m stumped about what Houston could offer to make a reasonable competitive bid for a player as talented as Adams.

Would a 2022 first round pick and Will Fuller do it? Would Benardrick McKinney, Kenny Stills, and Charles Omenihu be enough? Personally, nothing really seems to fit or make much sense. I don’t see any real way the Texans could put together a package that would entice the Jets to send Adams to Houston.

What’s the best trade package you can come up with?