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How Well Have The Texans Historically Drafted Quarterbacks?

From David Carr to Deshaun Watson.

Texans v Buccaneers Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

Since the Houston Texans have sprung from the NFL’s womb, this franchise has drafted eight quarterbacks: David Carr, Drew Henson, Dave Ragone, B.J. Symons, Alex Brink, T.J. Yates, Tom Savage, and of course, Deshaun Watson.

Seth Walder from ESPN’s analytics department recently ranked how every NFL team has drafted the quarterback position by using Pro Football Reference’s weighted career approximate value. Despite all the lumps over the years, Walder has the Houston Texans ranked 20th in the NFL.

20. Houston Texans

Total drafted QB career AV above expectation: minus-50

Best value pick: Deshaun Watson, No. 12 in 2017

Worst value pick: Dave Ragone, No. 88 in 2003

I know what you’re thinking. How is David Carr not the worst value pick here? Given he was the first overall selection in 2002, it’s a reasonable question and critique. But one thing AV rewards is playing time. And Carr did earn that. His career ended 14 career AV units behind expectation for a first overall pick, which was not quite as bad as Ragone’s minus-16 after playing in just two career games.

Overall, the short history of the Texans’ QB drafting was bleak until they landed Watson in 2017.

It’s interesting to see this franchise at 20th since they’ve only made one great quarterback decision. Watson was a slam dunk decision to trade up and select back in 2016; he’s been the saving grace for this franchise over the last three seasons. The only other drafted quarterback who can be thought of as a ‘good’ pick is Yates. As heart warming as Yates’ career was, he’s still a third-string quarterback who merely answered the call to action after Matt Schaub’s foot was mangled by Albert Haynesworth like a chew toy at the bottom of the pile and Matt Leinart fell on his own collarbone.

Sometimes, one great decision is all you need.