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Deshaun Watson’s Traveling Texans Training Camp Preview

Houston’s quarterback and personal coach building chemistry with new offense

Divisional Round - Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Apparently, Houston Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson can’t put his last game behind him fast enough. Assembling a traveling road show of sorts, your phenom signal caller is “on tour” to build chemistry with his newly rebuilt offense, including a trip to Arizona last week that may or may not coincide with the new whereabouts of Watson’s all-time favorite target DeAndre Hopkins.’s James Palmer broke the story the other day, detailing how Watson’s personal quarterback coach, Quincy Avery, believes that Watson will really get to open up now that he doesn’t have to get so many targets to Hopkins.


You’re trying to get on the same page with a lot of new guys, so I talked to Watson’s personal quarterback coach, Quincy Avery, and he told me that they’ve been putting together these trips — they’re on one in Arizona this week, they’re going to have another one next week — where he’s throwing the ball to all these new weapons like Brandin Cooks, David Johnson, Kenny Stills, the tight ends, he’s thrown to Will Fuller at times.

And he told me they are much faster now. They have a ton of speed. That’s going to make things difficult on defenses. But at the same time, he said the timing has been the main thing that they’ve been working on this offseason, because of all that speed. And then it gets to the decision making of Watson. He said he’s an elite decision maker, but maybe that’s been hidden to some people because of DeAndre Hopkins — got to give him his targets, you’ve got to find ways to get Hopkins the ball, he’s that good.

But now, with all these different weapons, Watson has the ability to just go to whoever he believes is open and Avery believes he can complete 70 percent of his passes this season. That’s not a stretch. He was at 68 percent and 67 percent in each of the last two years. But he says we’re going to see a better decision maker. And the same time, also, Deshaun Watson is working on how teams defend him. He actually has his friends out there at his workouts playing the defensive roles, going through rotations, going through pressure and they’re simulating what defenses are doing against Watson.

You can watch the whole video here.

Does this get you excited for football? What do you think Watson’s going to do with all that speed? Think new Houston Texans offensive coordinator Tim Kelly will use it like Mike Martz’s “greatest show on turf” or is the new Bill O’Brien offense going to look like a Lamborghini stuck in gridlock on 290? Give us your thoughts below.