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NFL Reduces 2020 Preseason By Two Games

Well, at least we’ll see more of the starters on the field.

NFL: SEP 17 Seahawks at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It looks like in addition to losing the Hall Of Fame Game, the NFL has decided to eliminate the first and fourth game of the 2020 preseason. The new situation is as follows, per Field Yates:

According to the revised schedule, the Houston Texans will now host the Seahawks at NRG Stadium and then travel to New Orleans to face Saints in the Superdome.

Everyone knows that the only game that matters is the third preseason game. Starters will play for a quarter or two and then do their best analyst impression on the sideline. With the new training camp schedule and prep time lost, starters could see the field more during this preseason than ever before. That is, if the NFL doesn’t decide to just scrap the preseason all together.

The NFL will surely be keeping a close eye on the COVID situation over the next few weeks to make a decision on the preseason as a whole. If they stick will the current schedule, will you attend a preseason game in the time of COVID? At this point, are you feeling optimistic about the chances of seeing football this year?