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Houston Texans Podcast: Cowboys v. Texans (2002)—Director’s Commentary

Mute your television. Play Houston versus Dallas from 2002. Watch the game with us.

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Back before streaming service soaked up the entirety of our lives and people had the audacity to say life is too short, we’d buy DVDs to watch movies and shows. Physical copies. Spinning discs that would propel sound and video upon our screens. The disc could fit more than just the entertainment itself; it’d contain additional space for other things. Bonus scenes. Hilarious bloopers! Director’s commentaries. Different items that would further enrich the experience you just experienced.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt and Taylor hop in the time machine and travel all the way back to the year 2002, when the Houston Texans exploded from the metaphorical womb and beat the Dallas Cowboys 19-10 in the Texans’ inaugural game to pick up their first win in franchise history. We want YOU to come along this magical journey with us.

The instructions are simple. Find Dallas Cowboys v. Houston Texans in 2002 (the direct link is here). Mute your television. Then play the game when the podcast is at the thirty second mark.

Listen to the direct link here.

Listen to the embedded player below.

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Enjoy the game, love the podcast, and don’t forget: We are all in this together as we try and love the game of football during the time of COVID.