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2020 Houston Texans Draft: All Picks Are Now Under Contract

It’s time for rookie training camp to begin.

Rhode Island v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Prior to yesterday, the Texans had previously agreed to contracts with Charlie Heck and Jonathan Greenard, They now have finished signing the rest of their 2020 NFL Draft class by coming to agreements with Ross Blacklock, John Reid, and Isaiah Coulter.

Houston, along with the Kansas City Chiefs, began their rookie training camp on Monday. Each team is still scheduled to start the NFL regular season on Thursday, September 10th. Even though the 2020 NFL preseason is going to be cancelled, it doesn’t mean training camps will be.

The rest of the summer will be weird. It will all be practicing, every coach’s favorite thing. The small, public glimpses of player progression and improvement seen in preseason games will be gone. Instead, all of the roster squabbling will take place in a bubble as rookies try to claw out playing time, others try to make the team, and the Texans get ready to avenge a 51-31 loss to the Chiefs in the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL Playoffs.

That’s all for the future. For now, the last little thread that had to be sewn up has been, now that Houston’s 2020 draft class has been signed.