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Houston Texans Podcast: January 3, 1993

35-3 became 41-38. A look back at the past that’s not even past.

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The last time we watched the Houston Texans play a football game, they went up 24-0 on the Kansas City Chiefs, on the road, in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, and then proceeded to surrender 41 straight points and lose 51-31. This is the closest the Texans have ever been to an AFC Championship Game.

Houston football fandom is divided into two different franchises. The Oilers, who played in Houston from 1960 to 1996, and eventually moved to Tennessee to become the Titans, and then there’s the Texans, who became the 32nd franchise in the NFL in 2002 and continue to play football against the Titans to this day. In the past, there was a separation between those who were alive and loved the Oilers, who lived through the years of misery and defeat, and the generation of millennials and Zoomers who only know Houston Texans football.

After last season’s playoff collapse, there’s now a tether, a tie, an umbilical cord that binds these dizygotic twins who are fans of Houston football. Because like the 2019 Houston Texans, the 1992 Houston Oilers had their own playoff collapse, blowing a 35-3 lead in the third quarter, on the road, against the Buffalo Bills, in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston, Diehard Chris, and BFD revisit the collapse that occurred back on January 3, 1993. Topics include what happened in Houston’s loss to Denver in 1992, why Frank Reich was starting instead of Jim Kelly, what worked for Houston’s offense in the first half, feelings after the pick-six made it 35-3, the start of the collapse, Don Beebe running out of bounds, Darryl Talley’s hold of Ernest Givins, and the legacy of the Houston Oilers.

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