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What Would It Take For You To Feel Safe At A 2020 Texans Game?

What can/should the Houston Texans do to assure fan safety in the “Pandemic Season”?

NFL: JAN 04 AFC Wild Card - Bills at Texans Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday we asked the question: “Would You Attend A Texans Game in 2020?”.

As of this writing, the overwhelming majority would either not attend at all due to COVID-19 or only do so if the Houston Texans and NRG Stadium instituted some pretty serious precautions.

With the NFL telling teams they can block off rows in order to shield players, coaches, and other team personnel from fans, shortening the pre-season to just two games, and other COVID protocols, it’s clear the league doesn’t think it’s safe to just roll with the status quo. With all that in mind, let’s discuss just what YOU think should be done to assure the safety of the fans, players, coaches, vendors, stadium personnel, and everyone else involved in making Texans home games happen.

Do you think the NFL should explore simply televising the games? Perhaps moving them to Pay Per View, like the UFC or other sports leagues? Bear in mind this is probably a Pandora’s Box of taking something free, forcing people to pay, and never walking it back into the box once the pandemic is over; based on the last 20 years of evidence, the NFL is a lot of things and greedy appears to be one of them.

Do you think the NFL should put social distancing mandates in place (for example, only allow fans in every other row with three seats between each group of attenders who came together) and force all in attendance to sign a waiver releasing the league, team, stadium, and everyone else of liability? The NFL is run by a group of high-powered attorneys who are very well aware of the knee-jerk “Imma get a lawyer and sue you” mentality many Americans have sadly adopted over the last few decades, so don’t think for a minute that’s not a possibility.

Would there be a different wrinkle for domed/roofed stadiums, where the viral load is potentially much higher, than open air stadiums? That’s a question for minds far smarter than me, but it’s one people should be asking.

Beyond the actual game day festivities, do you think the NFL should limit player appearances? In the interests of “protecting the shield,” should the league prevent J.J. Watt from doing autograph sessions? Could they tell Deshaun Watson he can’t give the kids a boost at the local YMCA?

While it may seem the NFL, NFLPA, teams, and stadium authorities are the ones calling all the shots, they have the unenviable task of not only agreeing with one another but putting forth a set of decisions that makes fans comfortable enough to continue financially supporting a product that’s increased the monetary burden on its fans over the last several decades at a pace that far outstrips standard inflation rates.

If common sense prevails, the “powers that be” are elbow deep in focus groups right now, asking people just like you these very same questions and heeding the answers. What will it take to keep the golden goose on the table so that billionaires can keep handing out massive contracts to millionaires while we all clamor for more? Which brings us all the way back to the question at hand:

What Would It Take For You To Feel Safe At A Houston Texans Home Game in 2020?

Give us your answers and discuss with your fellow fans in the comments section.