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Did DeAndre Hopkins Just Take A Shot At The Texans?


SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIV - Day 3 Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

This may be one of those stories where the smoke and sparks are fanned way too hard in the interest of creating a story that really isn’t there. Bu it’s the offseason and that’s what people tasked with talking football in an emaciated news cycle do, right?

Enter former Houston Texans phenom wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins who showed off his wit on Twitter in simultaneously congratulating Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes on his world-shattering new $500 million contract while taking a pithy swipe at his former employer in the process.

On the surface, this might seem innocent. However, Nuk is smart enough to know full well what sort of reaction a tweet like this would have. If you don’t know, the 24 he’s referencing is of course the 24 point lead the Texans blew in the 2019 Divisional Round against the Chiefs.

The folks over at 610 Sports Radio wasted no time in connecting the dots between this and D-Hop’s apparent swipe at the Texans back in April.

610 Sports Radio:

Perhaps the most transparent shot at the Texans was when Hopkins asked his followers which division is the NFL’s best.

When the AFC South was brought up, Hopkins said “Tennessee good. Colts good.” Then he moved on to the next division, nothing about the Texans.

While this is hardly the sort of barn-burning controversy the NFL is used to seeing from some of its more prima-donna wideouts, it’s very clear Hopkins holds at least a little animosity towards the Texans organization. Who can blame him when he clearly still has loads of brotherly love for his fellow Texans players like Deshaun Watson, Will Fuller and others?

Unfortunately, no matter what Bill O’Brien does in the future, he’ll never remove the stain of trading away one of the best players in the league for a bag of magic beans. No matter what happens during his time with the Arizona Cardinals, Hopkins may not let go of the spurned lover attitude he has towards his former franchise anytime soon.

With not much else to talk about on this post 4th of July hump day, how much fire do you see in this smoke?